Indoor Herbs and Lighting Shelf

Our flat (In Copenhagen) has some issues with light. Or it had, before we made new windows in the roof. Anyway, both my girlfriend and I really likes fresh herbs and plants in general. Seeing that we didn’t have many places to grow herbs in our 3rd floor flat, we decided to try something out, invested in 2 plant lights from Ikea along with a timer and installed a plant-shelf in our kitchen. Long story short it was a great success, the herbs grew amazingly fast, the herbs tasted great and the lamps only cost approx 20 DKK pr. month in power bills, with a timer turning them on 16 hours a day. A further benefit was the light. White(‘ish) light shining on the green leaves and reflecting into the living room turned out to be a great way to make our otherwise dark flat much lighter. And the fresh green light from the shelf made it even better.

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