IKEA Cardboard Table


Not really made by Ikea but definitely from Ikea. At least the raw materials.

I recently moved to Sweden with my girlfriend. Due to some circumstances that didn’t quite allow us to move all our stuff up from Copenhagen yet, the flat was entirely furnished by Ikea stuff. Being in Sweden and all that certainly makes sense. However, limiting ourselves from buying too much excess while waiting for our stuff from Denmark, we didn’t overdo it. This resulted in a couch, little desk, lamp and chair being amongst the few pieces of new investments. Naturally, along with Ikea furniture came a butt-load of cardboard. Combined with a home-dwelling thesis-writer (me), the obvious lack of a coffee table and a strong desire to NOT write, made me look into the possibility of constructing extra furniture out of the scrap cardboard that we had lying around anyway.

One day passed while I was busy with glue, Exacto knife and sandwich structures and out of the rubble came probably the most environmentally sustainable coffee table I am aware of to date. A bit of coating on the top and there you go.

6 months later we are still using it and it works like a charm.


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